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Cheapest Web Hosting – Webhostingpad

22 Nov

Are you concerned for hosting your website? Are you searching for the best deals? Such deal that should be technically best and cost efficient also? Then you don’t have to search any more. WebHostingPad provides you just what you are looking for. A well-established company for more than 4 years, WebHostingPad has gained excellent reputation in market as one of the best-cost efficient web hosting solution available today. It has no doubt the lowest rates to offer for best services. Compared to many well established as well as fresh companies, this one provides more discounts and cuts down your cost to lowest possible level. Some other companies provide hosting of websites only on very huge scales. In case of WebHostingPad, although you are looking for small scale website, it provides same best quality service. With rates all time low, you can now afford to go online with your own home page. Isn’t it exciting!

Webhostingpad Review of Features

Let us take a look at some of features provided by WebHostingPad. It provides unlimited disk space which is very important for when you are handling large amount of data, unlimited  bandwidth hosting with which access is faster and more efficient, unlimited number of domains can be hosted which proves fruitful while working in company having more branches in same region. Email accounts are limitless so you can have huge organization support to your website, databases are unlimited and having excellent functionality. File transfer is no more a problem as WebHostingPad provides unlimited number of FTP accounts and file transfer, which is very crucial task, has well-organized support. Integrity is an important factor to be maintained; which is achieved at WebHostingPad. It has a 30 days money back challenge. Accordingly, on customer dissatisfaction, amount is returned back in 30 days. No hidden fees are maintained and all fees are clearly mentioned. Competitors fail in this aspect as they have many unmentioned prices apart from the price list. Now you don’t just have to blindly trust because they say, just referring various reviews by top reviewing authorities, it has been awarded most Hassle free service provider for several times. This shows the reputation owned in market about web hosting. Customer support is provided 24X7 through mails, phones and even personal visit which are not done by any other competitor in market. Customer can even chat with customer relation officers online and clear their doubts. Technical support is provided by technical support staff and on booking an appointment; their engineer has on site visit within 24 hrs. Often it’s heard that servers hosting websites are not eco friendly and increase pollution. WebHostingPad has turned green and provides with green servers.

Another big achievement is WebHostingPad had adopted latest certifications for providing faster internet access. No other competitor has achieved it yet. WebHostingPad is continuously upgrading its versions and staying in with market competition. Their servers are more advanced and upgraded than any other available in market now. So those in search of proper and cheap hosting solution, here’s the answer – WebHostingPad.

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