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Bluehost versus Fatcow Web Hosting

20 Dec

When searching for a reliable web hosting option, 2 names every user stumbles upon are FatCow and BlueHost .not new to the market both enjoy a clean reputation. But choosing the better amongst these two is a very tough task. Various web hosting reviews across the web vary in their opinion but a probable winner can be selected by taking into account some of the basic facilities each of them offer.

Customer satisfaction: apart from providing the user with an array of offers what counts most is the follow up. The way the company responds to the queries, the availability of all time support and other company client interactions determine the final reputation of a company not its sale values. Considering all this FatCow is a step ahead than BlueHost with various email, 24×7 customer supports, humane support and facilities .BlueHost has more negative feedbacks on web than FatCow.

Economic consideration: pricing is the first ladder of the staircase of a company’s success. A company providing full value for money always wins the game .both FatCow and BlueHost have a minimal difference in their pricing. Both of them provide a free instant setup and both of them have no hidden fee strategies. So choosing a better one on this basis is really not justified.

The hosting package: the services and range of products on offer depends upon the company’s manifesto. Some believe in the reliability of simple plans while others fancy lot of toppings to make the package irresistible. The later category includes FatCow. Symbolized by their logo they believe in walking on a new path setting their own standards. You can take your website to a higher level by the email services, mySQL databases and newsletter management options only with slight addition of capital. Disk space, additional bandwidth and scripts can be purchased if a need arises .these marketing strategies are very important for some businesses .BlueHost just provides a simple plan with no add on services. So the choice is governed by your need.

Web Hosting
Features: the only sphere where FatCow lags behind is its depravity of multimedia support .the popular cpanel is also not available in FatCow which has its own customized panel. BlueHost is rich in features ranging from PHP ,mySQL and R on R (ruby on rails ) .Moreover you can host unlimited domains , MIME types can be created and FTP service is available for file transfer. Google ad words voucher along with Miva Ad credits and $25 Yahoo credits, are awarded to each customer of BlueHost which helps you put your website on the popularity index right from day one.

Both the companies are in the market for more than 10 years and are well established. The whole pack of information stated clearly states that FatCow is a better option for users who want flexibility while those who want to keep it simple and straight BlueHost emerges as a better choice.

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About Green Web Hosting

11 Dec

There is a recent rise in the popularity of Green Web Hosting because of the concern for the nature. Many industries have taken action and play their part in helping by reducing energy consumption and recycling. The same goes for the web hosting industry.

Firstly, let get a better idea about green web hosting. This type of hosting is a kind that uses nature-friendly power source for their daily activities. As we all know, servers are like appliances that requires electricity. The servers are on 24 hours a day and therefore, it consumes a lot of energy. So, green web hosting companies put their efforts in using only renewable energy sources.

Not all companies have the resources to generate their own renewable energy. Therefore, those companies can turn to supplied energy by choosing to buy Renewable Energy Certificates. By doing this, they can get energy generated by wind, solar or even biogas. Companies that generate their own energy also use energy generated by either solar power, wind turbines or other methods. This gives them ability to power their machines with this renewable energy.
So, what does this entire means? It means that web hosting companies are saving the planet by reducing carbon emission. It also allows companies to purchase offsets enabling them to mitigate their own greenhouse emissions. So, this can ease the hosting company from starting their own wind farm or solar power generator.

Another added value that the green web hosting has is their special offers on packages to non-profit organizations. It is their act to not only encourages organizations to use web hosting but also encouraging the use of renewable energy and paperless working environment. Some web host with green hosting also provide web host services to companies that have telecommuting being used by their staff and workers. Very popular green web hosting companies are Fatcow and iPage web hosting

However, does green hosting cost more? Well, this is a question that we all need to think deep about. Green we hosting companies may run at a higher daily operation cost compared to other web host provider companies but the idea of having a paperless company using renewable energy is something that is encouraging. With a single company operating in this way, it can reduce a whole lot of waste and reduce a lot on energy consumption which will directly help in preserving the nature. So, saving the earth does come with a price and it is not a big one to pay if you’re supporting a green web hosting company. Not only do you play your part in saving nature, you also get you web hosting needs.

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Green Hosting – FatCow Review

22 Nov

Are you looking for reliable and cheap hosting for your web businesses? There are several important factors that you should be looking at when buying web hosting. Here they are.

Up-time reliability. – I am sure that you don´t want to experience downtimes. Your server should be up at least 99.7% of the time. Many excellent hosting companies are able to exceed this goal, with up-time as high as 100% for the entire year. When the site is up 24 by 7, web visitors (who also happen to be your customers) will enjoy coming to your site to make purchases. If your site’s connection appears intermittent, that might affect the confidence level of your web visitors – they may decide to go elsewhere to conduct business.

Features. – What type of website are you looking to build? The industry is so competitive today that many service providers offer unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited databases. You also don’t have to worry about bandwidth. As long as you are not abusing the servers with unreasonable demands (e.g. audio file downloads), the Company will surely be able to meet your needs. There are a few basic features that have gotten very popular because they are very easy to use and cost effective. First, you want to have a Cpanel control panel so that you can add email accounts, new domains, etc. by yourself without having to submit support tickets. Secondly, you want to be able to install open source scripts using Fantastico. For instance, WordPress is available as a popular blogging platform or CMS. You can install WordPress from within your Cpanel account without having to create databases or upload any files – the installation wizard will do all that for you.

Green web hosting. – This is something that has caught the attention of many webmasters lately. As you know, global warming is a serious problem, and as the Internet continues to grow at break neck speed, the server data centers all around the world are consuming more and more energy. This leads to increased carbon emissions which contributes to global warming. Fatcow is one of the few companies who have taken the step to place servers in environmentally friendly data centers. These centers have taken steps to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing reliability.

Many small business owners and webmasters sign up with Fatcow to take advantage of the low cost hosting packages offered by the Company. If you look around, you may find promotional coupons that allow to sign up for hosting that cost you less than $5 a month. These packages are perfect for hosting personal and business blogs, static websites, as well as eCommerce sites. You can host your domains on their servers and have your business email addresses created in no time.

Fatcow Review

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • A hoof-click away from a blog
  • A bullpen full of site templates
  • Unlimited mailboxes for the whole herd
  • Powered by 100% Wind Energy

You can get this fantastic package for only $ 3.67/month

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JustHost versus FatCow

12 Nov

The industry of web hosting is filled with companies vying for business but some are certainly better than others. At the moment, the immediate two that need a mention are JustHost and FatCow that are amongst the most popular in providing hosting services. Their fame is not without a reason. Both are very reliable service providers and are also highly economical to use. It is hard to decide between the two. However, we will make a comparison to help you in making your decision.


As stated earlier, JustHost and FatCow are popular as they are relatively cheap to use. In fairness, not many companies can beat the monthly hosting package of $4.83 offered by FatCow. However, JustHost has been able to offer its JustPlan for a mere monthly charge of $3.45. Despite a small price differential both the plans are very similar in the power and value they offer.

Products and Services

As both JustHost and FatCow offer straightforward and simple solutions it is easy to choose a hosting plan. JustHost only offers two plans. FatCow is famous for its Original FatCow plan which provides business or personal solutions. The major factor that separates the two is that FatCow gives more services like website designing, scripting add-ons and domain registration. These options are not available in JustHost.

Features Of Web Hosting

Their features are the most fascinating section of our comparison. Most highly desirable features in this industry are available with either JustHost or FatCow. These include FrontPage support, free site builders, unlimited mySQL databases, together with server side scripting languages. They include, for instance, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Perl. Google Webmaster tools are visibly excluded from the list of services with JustHost, along with a free, 60-day trial period subscription to its RatePoint service. Nevertheless, nothing is gained or lost in the features section, unless there is a need for a particular feature.

Customer Service

We think this is the most important aspect and so should you. The web is littered with traumatic accounts of customers who have to deal with unprofessional support teams. In spite of strong words of assurances in advertisements some companies absolutely do not substantiate those promises. When you sign up with either JustHost or FatCow you can be at ease that such issues will not arise as both deliver impeccable support from a number of perspectives. When you really get stuck assistance is available through support ticket, toll-free number or email. This feature offers convenience and is becoming a norm in the field. Additionally, if you wish to explore the solution to the problem yourself, both these web hosts give you easy access to knowledge bases, FAQs and video tutorials.


They are so similar that it is extremely difficult to decide who has an edge over the other. If you are really counting your pennies then sign up with JustHost. However, if you consider their track record then FatCow has a distinct advantage. JustHost is immensely popular but is comparatively new and does not have the collective business experience of FatCow.

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