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Hostgator Black Friday Special Offer

25 Nov

I am very excited to unveil Hostgator´s Black Friday 2010 Promotion.


80% OFF EVERYTHING From 5AM – 9AM CST WHILE SUPPLIES LAST (first come, first receive; so definitely don’t miss out!)

From 9AM – 11:59PM CST OR after 80% OFF accounts have sold out, Hostgator will continue to offer 50% OFF EVERYTHING

This promotion gives you award winning hosting for as little as:

Shared Hosting – $4.95/month AS LOW AS $0.99/month

Reseller Hosting – $24.95/month AS LOW AS $4.99/month

VPS Hosting – $19.95/month AS LOW AS $3.99 First Month

Dedicated Servers – $174/month AS LOW AS $34.80 First Month

As you can see, this is an absolutely CRAZY DEAL.Remember this offer is only running for 1 DAY on Black Friday – November 26th CST


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Hostgator Review Pros and Cons

22 Nov

I’ve been using Hostgator for the past 4 years for my personal hosting, starting with a ‘Baby’ plan for a simple WordPress blog. As my needs have grown I’ve upgraded steadily to a ‘Business’ plan. This is one of the things that I really like about HostGator, the ability to upgrade or downgrade accounts quickly and efficiently is a breeze.

Hostgator Review

Given my hassle free experience I decided to move the large majority of my web clients on to HostGator. I felt that with the excellent 24/7 Live Chat support it gave me enough confidence to host people’s web sites knowing that I could get issues resolved quickly.

I use HostGator for clients that have the potential to get moderate/high traffic, need a comfortable amount of space (eg. unlimited) and sometimes wish to host multiple sites or blogs off 1 account.

They also have easy WordPress/Joomla/Drupal setup programs, great tutorials, large knowledge base, and great support to help you through the process of setting up a site.

Another great thing about Host Gator is the 45 day money back guarantee, making it a risk free trial of their service. Most hosts only do 30 days, but Host Gator go that extra bit further which always gives my clients great peace of mind.

Below are some pro’s and con’s that I’ve experience whilst using HostGator over the past 4 years.

Pro’s Con’s Reliable Servers. I’ve experienced 3 minutes of downtime in past 6 months. (99.9% uptime is above benchmark of 99%) Does not include a free domain, but I recommend purchasing one cheaply from GoDaddy. Multiple plans to suit everyone’s needs and budgets. Plans can be slightly expensive without the use of coupons. Rated #1 customer service support team.
– 24/7 Live Chat
– 24/7 Phone Support
– Speedy email ticketing system
– Twitter support via @hostgator If you have a large shared site with a lot of streaming video or database scripts you can overuse the CPU. I’ve only experienced this once when one of my sites got 12,000+ hits in one day. 45 day money back guarantee. » However, if your looking for more flexibility & power, HostGator allows you to upgrade. They don’t kick you off like other shared hosts. Free web site transfer from old web host. Free web site builder & templates. 1-click installers for WordPress, Drupal, Shopping Carts, Forums… Top-quality security and backups to stop data theft or loss.
Environmentally friendly green web host. 130% wind powered means they are more than just offsetting but they are trying to reduce emissions.


Well, I guess this is why I put this site together. I strongly believe in HostGator’s ability to host all types of sites. They range from simple shared hosting plans, to Virtual Private Servers, all the way to Dedicated Servers.

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Web Hosting by Bluehost

22 Nov

Bluehost will not just ring a bell to the ears of those who are conversant with web hosting services, but it is one of the oldest web hosting company on the internet. They have been dynamic over the years while repositioning and adding more services to keep their old customers and of course attract newer ones.

The hosting plan:
It is commendable that this company has been able to drastically reduce their pricing. It is also important to note that their prices are not just cheap but easy to use as well. You may agree with me that Linux control panel which their hosting plan is based on has one of best control panel ever. Asking you to pay $6.95 per month for a two year hosting contract is quite understandable. But you will be required to add extra $1 per month if you are opting for a yearly contract.

The performance:
Bluehost services lead other hosting company when we talk about performance. Though their advertised 99.9% uptime is not entirely met at the onset, but an average of 99.5% showed by a test account is not bad at all. It is important to note that the downtime decreases as your account get older. For a period of about 8 months, the downtime was noticed to have reduced from around 470 minutes to mere 1 minute. Interpreting this simply means that Bluehost services only gets better with time. The longer you stay with their services the better it gets.

Bluehost Review of Features
Compared to their pricing, their features are splendid. Site administrators are bound to be really satisfied by the unique customizations level available for their host packages. With unlimited bandwidth hosting, unlimited space, unlimited domain, modifiable PHP (Custom PHP.INI,.htaccess) and Shell access/SSH, which is a darling for advanced users. It comes with a power backup service and very high rating protection mechanism for DDOS. To demonstrate the seriousness of their security concern, they require those who want to use the file transfer services to send their passport photographs and driver’s license to their headquarters.

The help/Customer service:
We have looked at the numerous sterling qualities that make bluehost stand out but one thing is unfortunately lacking, their level of support to their customers is really not impressive. It has online chat room, which is common in the hosting industry, but the fact that they do not respond fast enough can be discouraging especially when you really need their help. Their 24/7 toll free service does not offer faster assistance too so you are advised to read their FAQ sections when you have some urgent concern.

Concluding Verdict
Bluehost has received a fair number of positive reviews globally. That their customer help desk is not as fast as it should be does not erase the fact that their prices are really cheap with great features. This makes it more attractive to those who are looking for cheap and short termed hosting contract. Bluehost web host services have also been reputed to have hosted quite a good number of popular websites.

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Inmotion Hosting Review

22 Nov

InMotion hosting is a company that has won many awards for the variety of online services offered by them for the customers. It was established in 2001, but gained rapid publicity and progressed quickly because of the expert web solution they provide. Apart from providing hosting services, InMotion also provides server hosting solutions which may de VPS or dedicated, and also provide easy management of website for the business that can hire a company for their web solutions.

There are two types of services provided by InMotion, i.e. personal and business. The personal package starts from dollar three per month that includes a massive storage of 100 GB with 1TB data transfer facility. The business solutions are different with unlimited data storage and transfer with price starting from dollar 5.95 per month. Inmotion is really cheap web hosting provider
Inmotion Hosting Review of Features
The greatest advantage of InMotion is the robust email account provided. Be it professional or business, InMotion users can make unlimited email accounts. The email accounts are a type of webmail that can be accessed anywhere and anytime easily. The developers enjoy hosting services from InMotion because of variety of different languages accepted by it like C++, Python, Perl, JavaScript and PHP. Using these web languages a user can easily create Ajax applications. Users also have the ease of controlling the websites using CPanel. The website administrators can enjoy up to 30 features from file access to email, while having complete control of the website. The confidence of InMotion is visible from the thirty days money back guarantee offer.
There are different packages offered according to the needs of the customer. For instance, a business organization that needs only email account can go for the personal package instead and enjoy the benefits of the account and take advantage of it for their business.

InMotion Web Hosting Service has become immensely popular because they are easy to use. There is a guide with every service that can assist in any problem while creating website or email account. InMotion has also provided with customer care phone numbers and email here people can easily reach with their problems and get quick solutions. There are also various forums for live chats to find solution to various problems from experts. Inmotion Web Hosting services are constantly updated with the latest features and services.

All most all InMotion reviews have been positive, praising highly about the service and support offered by them which has led to the success of the organization.

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Cheapest Web Hosting – Webhostingpad

22 Nov

Are you concerned for hosting your website? Are you searching for the best deals? Such deal that should be technically best and cost efficient also? Then you don’t have to search any more. WebHostingPad provides you just what you are looking for. A well-established company for more than 4 years, WebHostingPad has gained excellent reputation in market as one of the best-cost efficient web hosting solution available today. It has no doubt the lowest rates to offer for best services. Compared to many well established as well as fresh companies, this one provides more discounts and cuts down your cost to lowest possible level. Some other companies provide hosting of websites only on very huge scales. In case of WebHostingPad, although you are looking for small scale website, it provides same best quality service. With rates all time low, you can now afford to go online with your own home page. Isn’t it exciting!

Webhostingpad Review of Features

Let us take a look at some of features provided by WebHostingPad. It provides unlimited disk space which is very important for when you are handling large amount of data, unlimited  bandwidth hosting with which access is faster and more efficient, unlimited number of domains can be hosted which proves fruitful while working in company having more branches in same region. Email accounts are limitless so you can have huge organization support to your website, databases are unlimited and having excellent functionality. File transfer is no more a problem as WebHostingPad provides unlimited number of FTP accounts and file transfer, which is very crucial task, has well-organized support. Integrity is an important factor to be maintained; which is achieved at WebHostingPad. It has a 30 days money back challenge. Accordingly, on customer dissatisfaction, amount is returned back in 30 days. No hidden fees are maintained and all fees are clearly mentioned. Competitors fail in this aspect as they have many unmentioned prices apart from the price list. Now you don’t just have to blindly trust because they say, just referring various reviews by top reviewing authorities, it has been awarded most Hassle free service provider for several times. This shows the reputation owned in market about web hosting. Customer support is provided 24X7 through mails, phones and even personal visit which are not done by any other competitor in market. Customer can even chat with customer relation officers online and clear their doubts. Technical support is provided by technical support staff and on booking an appointment; their engineer has on site visit within 24 hrs. Often it’s heard that servers hosting websites are not eco friendly and increase pollution. WebHostingPad has turned green and provides with green servers.

Another big achievement is WebHostingPad had adopted latest certifications for providing faster internet access. No other competitor has achieved it yet. WebHostingPad is continuously upgrading its versions and staying in with market competition. Their servers are more advanced and upgraded than any other available in market now. So those in search of proper and cheap hosting solution, here’s the answer – WebHostingPad.

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Hostmonster Web Hosting Review

22 Nov

Hostmonster has been providing hosting solutions to thousands of business and personal web sites since 1996. Their internet hosting packages helps businesses and individuals get high-powered service at a fraction of the cost.

Hostmonster hosting is growing big and now with over 600,000 domains hosted. Hostmonster offering you php web hosting plan with unlimited storage space and unlimited transfer, come with cpanel with fantastico, and with mysql and email accounts. You can host wordpress blog, ecommerce website, forum site, cms joomla, mambo, drupal, and more with this hostmonster shared hosting plan.
Hostmoster review:

Hostmonster with over 750,000 domains and growing!
Hostmonster offering web hosting since 1996, over 15 years of experience.
Unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains
Cpanel control panel with simplescripts & fantastico installer, and a few free tools included.
Free domain name for life. Cheap domain registration with free WHOIS protection.
Free SSH shell access included.
Free shared SSL self-signed cert included.
Free site builder tool & support frontpage extension.
Good technical support with live chat support.
Good web hosting uptime, usually above 99.9% uptime over the internet.

Hostmonster is a cheap web hosting provider, their package is currently only $ 5,96/mo.

Hostmonster Support and Live Support
Provides 24/7 web hosting support and also live support to customers. Online ticket system. In case you have any enquiry or problem, use any of those method to contact, and will get your problem solve in the shortest time.
This web hosting provider uses the latest technology in hosting and high performance Quad AMD Opteron Servers, Multiple UPS Backup Power and Backup Generator for keeping your servers online in the event of a power failure. Dedicated to assure minimum hostmonster hosting downtime. Other than that, Hostmonster mirrored storage backups allows your sites to be served quickly and restore as needed.

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Green Hosting – FatCow Review

22 Nov

Are you looking for reliable and cheap hosting for your web businesses? There are several important factors that you should be looking at when buying web hosting. Here they are.

Up-time reliability. – I am sure that you don´t want to experience downtimes. Your server should be up at least 99.7% of the time. Many excellent hosting companies are able to exceed this goal, with up-time as high as 100% for the entire year. When the site is up 24 by 7, web visitors (who also happen to be your customers) will enjoy coming to your site to make purchases. If your site’s connection appears intermittent, that might affect the confidence level of your web visitors – they may decide to go elsewhere to conduct business.

Features. – What type of website are you looking to build? The industry is so competitive today that many service providers offer unlimited domain hosting, unlimited email accounts, and unlimited databases. You also don’t have to worry about bandwidth. As long as you are not abusing the servers with unreasonable demands (e.g. audio file downloads), the Company will surely be able to meet your needs. There are a few basic features that have gotten very popular because they are very easy to use and cost effective. First, you want to have a Cpanel control panel so that you can add email accounts, new domains, etc. by yourself without having to submit support tickets. Secondly, you want to be able to install open source scripts using Fantastico. For instance, WordPress is available as a popular blogging platform or CMS. You can install WordPress from within your Cpanel account without having to create databases or upload any files – the installation wizard will do all that for you.

Green web hosting. – This is something that has caught the attention of many webmasters lately. As you know, global warming is a serious problem, and as the Internet continues to grow at break neck speed, the server data centers all around the world are consuming more and more energy. This leads to increased carbon emissions which contributes to global warming. Fatcow is one of the few companies who have taken the step to place servers in environmentally friendly data centers. These centers have taken steps to reduce energy consumption without sacrificing reliability.

Many small business owners and webmasters sign up with Fatcow to take advantage of the low cost hosting packages offered by the Company. If you look around, you may find promotional coupons that allow to sign up for hosting that cost you less than $5 a month. These packages are perfect for hosting personal and business blogs, static websites, as well as eCommerce sites. You can host your domains on their servers and have your business email addresses created in no time.

Fatcow Review

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth
  • A hoof-click away from a blog
  • A bullpen full of site templates
  • Unlimited mailboxes for the whole herd
  • Powered by 100% Wind Energy

You can get this fantastic package for only $ 3.67/month

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JustHost versus FatCow

12 Nov

The industry of web hosting is filled with companies vying for business but some are certainly better than others. At the moment, the immediate two that need a mention are JustHost and FatCow that are amongst the most popular in providing hosting services. Their fame is not without a reason. Both are very reliable service providers and are also highly economical to use. It is hard to decide between the two. However, we will make a comparison to help you in making your decision.


As stated earlier, JustHost and FatCow are popular as they are relatively cheap to use. In fairness, not many companies can beat the monthly hosting package of $4.83 offered by FatCow. However, JustHost has been able to offer its JustPlan for a mere monthly charge of $3.45. Despite a small price differential both the plans are very similar in the power and value they offer.

Products and Services

As both JustHost and FatCow offer straightforward and simple solutions it is easy to choose a hosting plan. JustHost only offers two plans. FatCow is famous for its Original FatCow plan which provides business or personal solutions. The major factor that separates the two is that FatCow gives more services like website designing, scripting add-ons and domain registration. These options are not available in JustHost.

Features Of Web Hosting

Their features are the most fascinating section of our comparison. Most highly desirable features in this industry are available with either JustHost or FatCow. These include FrontPage support, free site builders, unlimited mySQL databases, together with server side scripting languages. They include, for instance, PHP, Ruby on Rails and Perl. Google Webmaster tools are visibly excluded from the list of services with JustHost, along with a free, 60-day trial period subscription to its RatePoint service. Nevertheless, nothing is gained or lost in the features section, unless there is a need for a particular feature.

Customer Service

We think this is the most important aspect and so should you. The web is littered with traumatic accounts of customers who have to deal with unprofessional support teams. In spite of strong words of assurances in advertisements some companies absolutely do not substantiate those promises. When you sign up with either JustHost or FatCow you can be at ease that such issues will not arise as both deliver impeccable support from a number of perspectives. When you really get stuck assistance is available through support ticket, toll-free number or email. This feature offers convenience and is becoming a norm in the field. Additionally, if you wish to explore the solution to the problem yourself, both these web hosts give you easy access to knowledge bases, FAQs and video tutorials.


They are so similar that it is extremely difficult to decide who has an edge over the other. If you are really counting your pennies then sign up with JustHost. However, if you consider their track record then FatCow has a distinct advantage. JustHost is immensely popular but is comparatively new and does not have the collective business experience of FatCow.

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iPage Security Review

11 Nov

Security is another great advantage websites hosted with iPage. The Essential Plan includes the SiteLock Security Suite. This security package checks the web site daily for malicious software such as worms and viruses. It also does spam scanning, businesses verification and a security seal to reassure customers that the site is safe to use.Other web hosting providers offer these kinds of services for a minimum price of $100, yet iPage includes them as part of its basic plan. In addition, their unique pooled structure delivers better reliability and performance than the more traditional less reliable server-by-server structure most hosts offer.More information about iPage can be found at ipage review

iPage is a cheap hosting provider

Key features provided by iPage – iPage Review

11 Nov

I would like to highlight key features provided by iPage:

Pricing: $3.50 per month.

iPage’s key web hosting featuers include:

Unlimited  bandwidth hosting and unlimited disc space

Unlimited emails  and MySQL databases

FREE domain name for life – This feature essentially offers you a domain for free forever. iPage will renew your domain for free every year as long as you remain as a customer with them! Calculate how much you can save on this!

Multiple Domains – iPage now allows you to host unlimited domains on single account. This can save you a lot og money if you have many websites!

Site building tools – this allows you to install various kinds of applications on your website with just one click of mouse. You will have access to great applications such as Content Management System (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution), Photo Galleries (Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto) and Forums (phpBB, SMF, Gbook) that are easy to integrate into your website without any technical knowledge.

Marketing tools $ 250 value- iPage understands how important is search engine marketing for your business. They offer Google adwords credit, yahoo advertising credit, facebook advertising credit

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