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Bluehost versus Fatcow Web Hosting

20 Dec

When searching for a reliable web hosting option, 2 names every user stumbles upon are FatCow and BlueHost .not new to the market both enjoy a clean reputation. But choosing the better amongst these two is a very tough task. Various web hosting reviews across the web vary in their opinion but a probable winner can be selected by taking into account some of the basic facilities each of them offer.

Customer satisfaction: apart from providing the user with an array of offers what counts most is the follow up. The way the company responds to the queries, the availability of all time support and other company client interactions determine the final reputation of a company not its sale values. Considering all this FatCow is a step ahead than BlueHost with various email, 24×7 customer supports, humane support and facilities .BlueHost has more negative feedbacks on web than FatCow.

Economic consideration: pricing is the first ladder of the staircase of a company’s success. A company providing full value for money always wins the game .both FatCow and BlueHost have a minimal difference in their pricing. Both of them provide a free instant setup and both of them have no hidden fee strategies. So choosing a better one on this basis is really not justified.

The hosting package: the services and range of products on offer depends upon the company’s manifesto. Some believe in the reliability of simple plans while others fancy lot of toppings to make the package irresistible. The later category includes FatCow. Symbolized by their logo they believe in walking on a new path setting their own standards. You can take your website to a higher level by the email services, mySQL databases and newsletter management options only with slight addition of capital. Disk space, additional bandwidth and scripts can be purchased if a need arises .these marketing strategies are very important for some businesses .BlueHost just provides a simple plan with no add on services. So the choice is governed by your need.

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Features: the only sphere where FatCow lags behind is its depravity of multimedia support .the popular cpanel is also not available in FatCow which has its own customized panel. BlueHost is rich in features ranging from PHP ,mySQL and R on R (ruby on rails ) .Moreover you can host unlimited domains , MIME types can be created and FTP service is available for file transfer. Google ad words voucher along with Miva Ad credits and $25 Yahoo credits, are awarded to each customer of BlueHost which helps you put your website on the popularity index right from day one.

Both the companies are in the market for more than 10 years and are well established. The whole pack of information stated clearly states that FatCow is a better option for users who want flexibility while those who want to keep it simple and straight BlueHost emerges as a better choice.

Fatcow ReviewBluehost Review

Web Hosting by Bluehost

22 Nov

Bluehost will not just ring a bell to the ears of those who are conversant with web hosting services, but it is one of the oldest web hosting company on the internet. They have been dynamic over the years while repositioning and adding more services to keep their old customers and of course attract newer ones.

The hosting plan:
It is commendable that this company has been able to drastically reduce their pricing. It is also important to note that their prices are not just cheap but easy to use as well. You may agree with me that Linux control panel which their hosting plan is based on has one of best control panel ever. Asking you to pay $6.95 per month for a two year hosting contract is quite understandable. But you will be required to add extra $1 per month if you are opting for a yearly contract.

The performance:
Bluehost services lead other hosting company when we talk about performance. Though their advertised 99.9% uptime is not entirely met at the onset, but an average of 99.5% showed by a test account is not bad at all. It is important to note that the downtime decreases as your account get older. For a period of about 8 months, the downtime was noticed to have reduced from around 470 minutes to mere 1 minute. Interpreting this simply means that Bluehost services only gets better with time. The longer you stay with their services the better it gets.

Bluehost Review of Features
Compared to their pricing, their features are splendid. Site administrators are bound to be really satisfied by the unique customizations level available for their host packages. With unlimited bandwidth hosting, unlimited space, unlimited domain, modifiable PHP (Custom PHP.INI,.htaccess) and Shell access/SSH, which is a darling for advanced users. It comes with a power backup service and very high rating protection mechanism for DDOS. To demonstrate the seriousness of their security concern, they require those who want to use the file transfer services to send their passport photographs and driver’s license to their headquarters.

The help/Customer service:
We have looked at the numerous sterling qualities that make bluehost stand out but one thing is unfortunately lacking, their level of support to their customers is really not impressive. It has online chat room, which is common in the hosting industry, but the fact that they do not respond fast enough can be discouraging especially when you really need their help. Their 24/7 toll free service does not offer faster assistance too so you are advised to read their FAQ sections when you have some urgent concern.

Concluding Verdict
Bluehost has received a fair number of positive reviews globally. That their customer help desk is not as fast as it should be does not erase the fact that their prices are really cheap with great features. This makes it more attractive to those who are looking for cheap and short termed hosting contract. Bluehost web host services have also been reputed to have hosted quite a good number of popular websites.

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