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Pluses and Minuses of Ipage Web Hosting

20 Dec

Before choosing a plan from a web hosting company, the very first thing that we must notice is about the pros and cons regarding the hosting company and the hosting plan. Of course, only an experienced person can realize and say it. Whilst, we cannot say that all experienced persons have got the same experience from a particular hosting company and some may hide some of the real pros and cons of hosting company. But, here below you can find the real and unbiased pros and cons of iPage hosting company which were written only after examining the real web hosting reviews and considering the real experience of the real customers.
Ipage review
First, let see the Pros of hosting your domains with iPage. The first advantage that you can find while choosing best web hosting plan from iPage is any-time money back guarantee. Most of the customers thought that money-back guarantee is a general feature and shown in the plans of other web hosting company plans also. Yes, in one way it is true. But, if you start observe the differences between the hosting companies, then you will tag out with the advantage of hosting your domain with iPage. In other web hosting companies you will find only 30 day or 90 day money back guarantee. But here in iPage, it is anytime. Whilst, there is no records of money back because of bad experience in the past few years. Thus, it is the proof that iPage Hosting Company is very perfect and keen in providing hosting services to their customers.

Among many web hosting companies, there is a reason behind for why most of the individuals want to host their domains with iPage is that SiteLock Security. iPage provides web hosting services in more secure way. This reveals that iPage team is real experts in web hosting and so they can able to provide reliable web hosting service. And this might be the reason for why Google and Carbonite teamed up with iPage. As a result, you can get 2GB of Carbonite data Backup facility, Google’s webmaster tools and some other software packages for e-mail marketing for your hosting account.

Overall, their cheap hosting services and offers are really very suitable for those who need reliable hosting services for their personal, business, non-profit and social sites. Truly, there are no cons to say about iPage. So, no need to fear of hosting your domains with iPage and their services are really superb


About Green Web Hosting

11 Dec

There is a recent rise in the popularity of Green Web Hosting because of the concern for the nature. Many industries have taken action and play their part in helping by reducing energy consumption and recycling. The same goes for the web hosting industry.

Firstly, let get a better idea about green web hosting. This type of hosting is a kind that uses nature-friendly power source for their daily activities. As we all know, servers are like appliances that requires electricity. The servers are on 24 hours a day and therefore, it consumes a lot of energy. So, green web hosting companies put their efforts in using only renewable energy sources.

Not all companies have the resources to generate their own renewable energy. Therefore, those companies can turn to supplied energy by choosing to buy Renewable Energy Certificates. By doing this, they can get energy generated by wind, solar or even biogas. Companies that generate their own energy also use energy generated by either solar power, wind turbines or other methods. This gives them ability to power their machines with this renewable energy.
So, what does this entire means? It means that web hosting companies are saving the planet by reducing carbon emission. It also allows companies to purchase offsets enabling them to mitigate their own greenhouse emissions. So, this can ease the hosting company from starting their own wind farm or solar power generator.

Another added value that the green web hosting has is their special offers on packages to non-profit organizations. It is their act to not only encourages organizations to use web hosting but also encouraging the use of renewable energy and paperless working environment. Some web host with green hosting also provide web host services to companies that have telecommuting being used by their staff and workers. Very popular green web hosting companies are Fatcow and iPage web hosting

However, does green hosting cost more? Well, this is a question that we all need to think deep about. Green we hosting companies may run at a higher daily operation cost compared to other web host provider companies but the idea of having a paperless company using renewable energy is something that is encouraging. With a single company operating in this way, it can reduce a whole lot of waste and reduce a lot on energy consumption which will directly help in preserving the nature. So, saving the earth does come with a price and it is not a big one to pay if you’re supporting a green web hosting company. Not only do you play your part in saving nature, you also get you web hosting needs.

iPage review –  Fatcow Review

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Key features provided by iPage – iPage Review

11 Nov

I would like to highlight key features provided by iPage:

Pricing: $3.50 per month.

iPage’s key web hosting featuers include:

Unlimited  bandwidth hosting and unlimited disc space

Unlimited emails  and MySQL databases

FREE domain name for life – This feature essentially offers you a domain for free forever. iPage will renew your domain for free every year as long as you remain as a customer with them! Calculate how much you can save on this!

Multiple Domains – iPage now allows you to host unlimited domains on single account. This can save you a lot og money if you have many websites!

Site building tools – this allows you to install various kinds of applications on your website with just one click of mouse. You will have access to great applications such as Content Management System (Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, WordPress, PixelPost, b2evolution), Photo Galleries (Gallery2, Coppermine, ZenPhoto) and Forums (phpBB, SMF, Gbook) that are easy to integrate into your website without any technical knowledge.

Marketing tools $ 250 value- iPage understands how important is search engine marketing for your business. They offer Google adwords credit, yahoo advertising credit, facebook advertising credit

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