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Web Hosting Sitebuilders

20 Dec
Many times when you determine to go with a cheap web hosting company they will offer you a website builder as part of their service. Using their sitebuilderis a great way to quickly and rather easily create your website and manage and update it once it is done. Yes gone are the days when you have to hire a web designer to create your virtual store and pay them an unheard of amount of money to do so. Nowadays you can create your own website using these site builders and nobody but you will know that it didn’t come from a pro.

While site builders vary from web hosting company to web hosting company, here is how the average one works:

Select a template:
Every website builder that there is will have a certain amount of templates that you can use. A template will be the actual design of your website and will contain the background, the link buttons and everything else on the website besides the content. Some have only a handful and others literally have thousands for you to pick from. Whatever the case may be, you should have no problem finding a unique template for your web site.

Plug in text and pictures:
With the ease of a few mouse clicks and some keyboard strokes your web site can start to take shape when you use these site builders. Because all of the site design is done thanks to the template you are simply left to create the content which will consist of lots of text, pictures, videos, and maybe some sound clips. Most templates will have suggestion of where you should put things, like ‘place text here’ and usually have tutorials if you should get confused along the way. The text you will type in is simply done like any other document you usually do on your computer. These days there is no need to know how to write website code like HTML because the site builder will automatically convert your regular text for you.

Upload you site:
Once you web site is to your liking and you are ready to launch it you can do so with the sitebuilder This is usually a one button, or click, application and because you are using the site builder of your web hosting company there is never a snafu.

Maintain and update your site:
Once your web site is live you will want to go through the different pages and be sure that everything is the way you like it. Check any and all links that you may have incorporated into the site and if you find one that is broken then you will need to fix it. This is done by going into your web site builder and editing whatever it is you need to. Once your changes are complete, it is another one button process to update the site. You then just perform regular maintenance on the site and add or subtract pages and other applications as you see fit.