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Greengeeks review

3 Dec

Greengeeks review

GreenGeeks is a very good green hosting providers regardsless of its youth. The success of the company is due to its superior quality in customer support and always bettering service, together with the true utilization of renewable energy. I am not surprised by this in the least, and by the time you finish reading my critique, you will know the reason.

GreenGeeks Plan Price
12 months plan $5.95/mo
24 months plan $4.95/mo

What’s good about GreenGeeks?

Superior high-performance eco-friendly web hosting

GreenGeeks provides you with all the necessary tools and information to make your online presence seamless.
GreenGeeks – similarly to most of the top web hosting providers – offers you a complex web hosting solution, giving you every necessary tool and capabilities, like easy installations based on Fantastico, and unlimited resources (traffic, disk space).

Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited Addon Domain Unlimited Free Domain Name No Free Site Builder Yes CGI-BIN Yes FTP Access Yes300% Green WebHosting
My first thought was: they have serious problems with math? Could be a huge marketing ploy.
So what does it mean? Well, GreenGeeks replaces the power use of the machines with three times as much renewable wind power. If you are not the “believe it all” kind of a person, search for GreenGeeks’ green energy certificates. If you look at it, there is nothing to further explain,, I am sold.
Considering that, there is no doubt Green Geeks is probably the greenest hosting in the market.

Hassle-free hosting service with 99.9% uptime

Hositng with GreenGeeks has huge advantage in my books, and it is the massive technical background. According to the Green Geeks, GreenGeeks’ technological background is based on Intel Dual Quad Core servers with RAID-10 array technology. Additionally, GreenGeeks’ servers are backed up every day.
This gives me the feeling of trust and I have no concerns about the webhosting troubles.
What are the MINUSES of hosting with GreenGeeks?

They are new: they don’t have a lot of business experience.

From what I see, the only problem with Green Geeks is they are new. GreenGeeks introduced the business less than 3 years ago and I think not everything is as solid as they would like.

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