Choosing reliable web hosting for your ecommerce website

2 Mar
So how do you go about choosing a reliable ecommerce hosting provider?The key ingredients I look for are (1) good support, and (2) good reputation.

Having good support is very important because I want someone to be able to respond to me quickly when something goes wrong. For example, the email server stops responding for some reason. There may be a temporary glitch somewhere. But without having someone to talk to, there is no way I can know for sure. Reliable hosting providers try to provide live chat support. This feature is very useful as anyone can get the assistance they need within minutes.

Reputation is influences my buying decision because you shouldn’t believe everything that is written on the service provider’s website. For example, every hosting provider says that they offer 99.9% up time guarantee. But from personal experiences, this is not always true. Some smaller service providers have trouble keeping the servers online. When sites go offline, haggling over uptime guarantee becomes immaterial. The damage has already been done. So I would rather sign up with a more reputable service provider. Someone who has been in the business for years, and know how to keep servers online. I highly recommend that you read web hosting reviews

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